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Production Flow

*This flow applies to projects that take more than two months to produce, primarily involving video production. Presentation material production fees and deposits may not be required for all projects.

01. Consultation

To understand the message you want to convey, we conduct a 1-2 hour hearing session. We accommodate both face-to-face and online meetings according to your preference (limited to within Japan). We also welcome consultations if you're unsure about what to do or can't make technical decisions.

02. Estimate

Based on our meeting, HAND will send you a proposed image of the product and an estimate.

03. ​Presentation Material Production and Payment

You will make a payment for the production of presentation materials. HAND will create presentation documents detailing specific ideas and schedules for the product, which we will share in a meeting.

04. Deposit Payment

A deposit of 10% of the estimate is required.
*Applies only to projects with a production cost of 150,000 yen or more.

05. ​Production

HAND will manage the progression and production of the project. Modifications, further meetings, and rescheduling will be conducted as necessary.
*Significant changes or additions will result in a revised estimate.

06. ​Delivery and Final Payment

Please pay the remaining balance by the end of the following month after the delivery of the finished product.
*Intermediate deliverables are not provided.


We Value Your Consultation Time Above All

In our meetings with clients, we focus on the emerging 'lines' (stories) as the foundation for our creations. The clearer these 'lines' are, the more straightforward our tasks become, allowing us to proceed efficiently within our limited time. We consider this entire process as part of 'designing.' We welcome consultations as many times as needed. Please feel free to reach out for an initial consultation.

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