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Our Vision

Through visuals,
we foster communication,
enabling us to create enriching moments.

The world has become more convenient, allowing us to accomplish more independently. However, this has reduced the chances for natural communication,
leading to a loss of
the 'richness of time' found in shared moments.

Our goal is to use visual elements to foster human connections,
thereby creating new values, experiences, and enriching moments.

Our Mission

Your Visual Partner

Communicating something to someone can be very challenging.

When we design, we start by
capturing the true feelings of our customers,
even those they might not be able to express in words themselves.

By combining our strengths in
photography, video, graphic design, and unique ideas,
we materialize our customers' thoughts and emotions in a variety of ways.

As a versatile visual support and a partner you can easily consult with,
we look forward to walking this journey together with all of you.

Our Value

Creating Stories Together

At HAND, we deeply value the time spent conversing with our customers. In today's world, where there is an abundance of design tools enabling individuals to complete projects on their own, our focus remains on collaborative creation, bringing together the people behind the ideas—our customers—and HAND.

Discovering what we hadn't realized on our own becomes possible. Thinking alongside others brings a three-dimensional perspective to light.

From conversations, we connect emerging dots to craft stories.

Our Story

Boosting Motivation

The reason we design boils down to one simple fact: it's fun.
Fun environments breed quality ideas, which lead to aggressive action.

In both business and life, the importance and joy of boosting motivation cannot be overstated.

We want to grow while having fun with our customers, and contribute to our community and society.

We aim to provide products and services that can be cherished for a long time.


Sayaka Sato - SHAR

At the age of 25, I attempted to switch careers to become a graphic designer but was mistakenly hired as a photographer. Two years later, seeing my father frail and nearing death, I felt an urge to photograph him because he looked beautiful. This moment became the catalyst for pursuing a career in photography. I met and married a man who works in 'design,' a field I have always admired. Now, as we work together in our venture, I realize my love for design still endures. Now, in my 18th year as a photographer, I reflect on how far I've come and the journey that led me here.

My role at HAND:

Taking an overarching view.

Video designer / Graphic Designer
Shinichi Sato - ICHI

From my university graduation until my mid-30s, I engaged in music activities while producing many videos, including music videos. More recently, I've been primarily involved in visual design for corporate and event videos. My motto is "to materialize imagination through design." Beyond video, I continue to work on independent graphic design projects, and have started receiving requests for logos and illustrations. I strive to create works that invite repeated viewing, and I often revisit my own creations, to the point where my wife jokes, "You never seem to get tired of them, do you?"

My role at HAND:
Creating from zero to one.


Company Overview

Trade Name:

336 Narawa, Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture, 299-0263

Sayaka Sato, Shinichi Sato

Business Activities:

Video planning and production
Photography, printing, and album creation
Graphic design planning and production
Planning, production, and sale of clothing and general goods

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)


Contact Information for Representatives: 

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